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About Fran Scheffler


The adventure of travel… with its constantly new and changing horizons … is reflected in the varied style and technique of Fran Scheffler.

Although her childhood was spent in Louisiana, Fran’s life has been centered in the East Coast of Florida since her teen age years.

With this area as a base of operations, she has traveled much of our world as an avid and interested tourist. 

Her decision to explore the world of the artist came about at the suggestion and encouragement of her husband, John, who realized the potential of his wife’s inquiring mind and directed her talents into visual art expression. 

As a disciplined student and an ardent practitioner, she has developed a rich background in many mediums and techniques.

Taking courses under the guidance of Sandy Marchetti at Broward Community College and additional work with Jack Hopkins, led to the establishment of her own studio.

Here, Fran may be found most every morning, devoting the hours required to refine her knowledge and talent. 

Ever seeking new challenges within her chosen profession, her work ranges from acrylic, watercolor or resin abstracts to carefully executed representational scenics and seascapes in oil.

There’s whimsy or sober reflection … a joy in pure design or a study in precise drafting … all the products of this energetic and talented woman.

Her work is owned by many private collectors and has received numerous exhibition honors.



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Hi-Riser. June 22, 2006

Excerpts taken from article by         Charmain Austin

"Her personality shines in art work"

Bold, colorful, lively, whimsical art takes shape in the form of paintings, silkscreen, airbrush and crafts. 

In her own words for the article:

"I express myself through art"

"I have a happy personality and I push myself to do well and this comes out in my pieces." 

"You can create anything from just about anything. Everything is interesting."

"I enjoy going to new places and experiencing different things. Like the sea, for example, I find it very calming."

About Fran Scheffler
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